What I've been up to lately.

I was a Frontend Developer over the past three years at Revily, Inc. / Self Made Insights Company

I worked closely with our Software Engineering Manager and Vice President of Product to develop and style our custom framework for opinion research and data analytics. I developed wherever I was needed with Php, Vue.js and/or JQuery programming. Where I really shine is focusing on web standard html markup and styles, incorporating the latest cross-browser functionality.

Recently I implemented CSS grid and flexbox properties to achieve layout and behavior reliability in the highly interactive editor for users to build custom analysis views. Vue.js was key for incorporating individual components for custom functionality.

screenshot of a project page handled by VueJS

Just a small corner of a large application.

The ever growing palette of functionality for this user-centered app provided non-stop challenges for markup, styles and js behavior. This older recording quickly demonstrates the variety of functionality requiring extensive front-end development. I love the opportunity to never let skills get stale.

Working with Higher Ed Orgs

Developing a website for Tennessee Association of Family and Consumer Sciences keeps me close to administrators of content by incorporating content management tools.

I chose to implement Perch CMS for several reasons.

  • Simplicity of use.
  • Freedom from restrictive template styles and content restraints
  • Well-respected experts are at the helm of its development and maintenance.
screensoht of TAFCS website

I love this pub!

Father Tom is an old friend who loves a good scotch. He and his wife Jennifer opened an American pub and have seen nothing but success from the first day.

Highlighing the pub's beautiful wood accents, chalkboard beer menu and replication of the print menu makes a patron feel like they have already been here before.

Father Tom and the chef behind the bar

Community Tennis Lovers!

As a lover of tennis myself and a transplant to this area twenty plus years ago, I strive to appeal to newcomers by showcasing the small city feel with a true sense of community engagement we have to offer through tennis.

Uppercumberland Tennis Association's website with a banner highlighting the town train depot.

This home gives me a dose of contentment. It is full of natural light, comfortable and easy to get around.

My goal in a project is the same. Serve a dose of what a web user needs to get around easily and comfortably.

Stacey with her puppies, Charlie and Sophie